About Sarah

The voice of Sarah Hadeka is unlike any other. It is pure, strong, full of range, and is seasoned with soul, emotion, and downright passion. There is no question that your spine will tingle when you give her a listen.

Alongside her chilling vocal ability, Sarah is a clever songwriter, accomplished instrumentalist, and intriguing personality. As a pianist from the tender age of four, she has performed consistently throughout her life to audiences of all shapes and sizes and has never failed at captivating any one of them.

Sarah's debut EP, Here I Am, is an entirely self-written and self-produced foray into the wide realm of original music. Her songs prove her incredible ability play after play and have left her fans wanting more. Each song has a different feeling associated with it...one track may be musically quirky while the other may carry a strong reggae vibe. They are hands down worth the listen.

Sarah is currently back in the recording studio working on new songs in the realm of pop/rock/alternative genres. Stay tuned for some extraordinary works including her stellar vocals and songwriting prowess. And be sure not to miss a live performance...new songs are already being performed on stage and will blow your mind!

A little more about Sarah:

Through elementary school she participated in musical after musical, learned how to play mallet percussion and jazz piano, and by high school moved on to French horn. By her senior year in high school, Sarah had won numerous talent competitions in vocal, piano, and horn performance and continued onto college to study French horn professionally. 

Although she was being classically trained through her schooling years, Sarah never gave up her love of singing pop, rock, blues, and occasionally country. She competed  in and won WNCI's Columbus Idol contest and was featured on the mega-popular radio station in interviews and music for many months. She also took up vocal studies to hone in completely on her raw talent. She studied for a number of years with friend and mentor, David Gabriel, who taught voice strengthening in LA for over 25 years (including the likes of Christina Aguilera and Chris Cornell to name a couple). 

Later, Sarah decided to start her own group called The Sarah Hadeka Band so that she could perform her original music throughout Central Ohio and now, Southwest Florida. She is having huge success and plans to continue this trend for many years to come. Your support means everything to her as she pursues her dreams...which are more like a reality at this stage! 

Sarah's biggest musical influences include Tori Amos, Ben Folds, and The Cure. In her spare time, Sarah likes to hit the beach, explore nature, travel, and be with her family.