Just A Little Update

Hi guys! 

I am so excited for you to check out my April calendar and to hear about what has been happening my music world! 

First off, check out the amazing events that are coming up. Starting TONIGHT…


2017 Is The Year!

I hope this new year is treating you wonderfully as we move into the month of February...already! Of course we are in the height of season here in SWFL and just glancing at my schedule makes me exhausted. Of course…


It's Winter In Paradise! 

Woah, how is it December already!? It's here feels like September all year round. Well except for those excruciatingly hot times in mid-summer. But really, the holidays seem to creep up super fast here and then they go by…


Summertime Studio Time

Hello to my most favorite Saradicals! I hope this warm weather is bringing you lots of smiles and song singing while you go about your day. It definitely has for me. Because of that, I'm super thrilled to announce that…